I remember when you simply walked into McDonalds, or Burger King and simply ordered a big mac or whopper . Then things in our world got to be simple, and folks had more money, more time to kill. And simply became lazy. So the new and And bigger things started to come out. So welcome the new “SuperSize” everything.

Now we even have supersized kids. Children that can not even run in a playground. And I could only wonder, just how that is really helping us as a generation.

Well, long behold the new thing in this world. In the likes of a horribly BAD economy every store in the world now has and encourages you to get in their “my rewards” program. As Eddie Murphy said in one of his stand up routines, “what a bargain”, so now you simply buy less but more often.

Well, that might have helped us to become or return to being a healthier people, you think. But no now folks will sit in a drive thru line instead of walking the 50 steps to go inside.

So, next time you think about your next “my…” card ask yourself what is the real reward you will get if you use that card. Spending $2, to save that .25 is that really worth it.

My what? Think about it!

About MedicSmurf

I am an ex- NY City Emergency Paramedic. Life brings us new challenges, adventures, and downfalls. I look to making them all a positive way to grow. From here we only go up.

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