The say that style makes a person, and I am not totally sure that statement is completely true. However it seems that there are lots of folks who live their lives as such.

I have been puzzled by the idea of guys who now want to wear their pants hanging off of their waist, showing their underwear. And women who dress showing off the front of their underpants. And I wonder just what message is it that they are trying to convey.

Today I saw a group of young people from a Church, with the greatest looking yellow t-shirts. The front of the shirt stated, “Life is Wasted without Jesus”. Which is a great slogan. The back had a list of things to be ware off.

However, sadly enough, there was but one person in the group who had the shirt visible for all to read.

Made me wonder, why is it that when folks wear something that is truly a great message, we cover it. And when we have those that shouldn’t be seen. Well look at the picture below, and you will understand.

Remember if you wear something that makes you stand out. Someone will look. Are you ready to deal with the looks? Are those the looks that you want?

So I ask you again, “what are you wearing?”

About MedicSmurf

I am a former NY City Emergency Paramedic. Who believes in God, and the love of our Country. A former US Army Medic who believes that life brings us new challenges, adventures, and downfalls. I look to making them all a positive way to grow. being on the bottom is a sign that life still has a chance to go up. ARE YOU?

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  1. Brad Stanton says:

    Well, I hope the girl in the super short blue skirt didn’t wear that to church, lol!


  2. Chris says:

    I would knock my child out. It’s sad that they think they look good and disrespect their bodies like that. Ugh kids today.


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