This is a reprint from Russ Bianchi. this is almost a MUST read for anyone who really wants to live healthy. His site is in my list of Favorite sites, and he has more other wonder information. Check it out you may find something that you might need.

Items to: Completely Avoid, Shy Away From and “Go For It” 

I am often asked why Zija® International provides so much technical support to its distributors. My answer is simple, “We truly care about everyone‟s health, and to those whom you equally share these wonderful and nutritious Moringa products with.” This „share‟ concept is not ours; it is our Founder‟s, Mr. Ken Brailsford. With that thought in mind, this one word truly is the basis for our slogan: “DRINK LIFE IN” (SM). There is not any other single source of truly absorbable complete nutrition available from just one plant, (that IS provided in all Zija® products by Moringa oleifera). Due to the many questions, emails, and phone calls that we receive, I felt that it would be prudent to distribute to the group, my thoughts about how we should all look at our daily diets. I feel that there is one piece of the puzzle we really have not yet given you, until now; a simple list of suggestions on other aspects of your diet, for your consideration. I want you to take these considerations to heart in the effort of helping us all attain the most vibrant health and vitality that is possible for us to receive. After we have “Drank Life In” lets give our bodies the potential to live life, and not to be in a position to fight the poisons, toxins, impurities and the other health stealing ingredients that are in most processed foods. Please remember that we must take into consideration and understand that the “Western” diets have been proven far from being complete, and that we all need to be good managers of our own health, and well being in the foods that we consume. We only have one body in which to live, so let‟s make it the healthiest body that we can! So here is the other puzzle piece. In this briefing, I am going to group these suggestions into three different groups for simplicity sake:

1. Items to Completely Avoid At All Times 2. Items to Shy Away From, and 3. Items to “Go For It” (In Moderation), For Your Specific Health Circumstances About now you are probably asking yourselves, where is “Uncle Russ” going with all of this? Why do I have to give up what I like? Is this going to be hard? His answer to us is simply this: Do not worry! He is merely trying to steer all of us back to delicious and wholesome food and beverage options with the use of Zija‟s® pure nutrition, and away from those products or brands that will harm our overall health! OK, here it goes, and by no means are these lists comprehensive and/or complete. They are merely an indicator of what may help us in our own habits, and/or those to whom we share these suggestions with. They are based on sound science, with known human wellness benefits. 1. ITEMS TO AVOID AT ALL TIMES: • Sodas, regular or diet (fattening, heart unhealthy) • Diet sweeteners in the pink, yellow, blue, green or other little packets – (poison in a packet) • Tobacco (cancer causing, expensive) • Recreational drugs (addictive, mentally impairing, physically dangerous, financially devastating, illegal) • Junk food (what part about „junk‟ do you not understand?) • Fast food (if it‟s fast, or low cost, it‟s typically not nutritious and has empty calories) • Microwavable food (alters the molecular content and nutrition of heated food or liquids) • Soft Plastic Bottled Water (harmful chemical called BPA in the plastic that gets into the water) • Candy (rots your teeth, medically linked to diabetes) • Peanuts (inflammatory inducing, allergenic)

• Most Ice Creams (fattening, a chemistry set of bad for you ingredients) • Pastry (sugary baked goods that are fattening, and yes, that does include cookies) • Deep Fried Foods (donuts & fries unfortunately they are fattening and cancer causing) • High Fructose Corn Syrup Or Agave (triggers large elevation in blood triglycerides & serious weight gain) • Excessive “Table” Salt (heart and blood pressure damaging) • Mainstream Energy Drinks (heart damaging, central nervous system damaging) • Tooth & Oral Care Whiteners (will make your tooth enamel brittle and increase your chances of broken teeth and dental care problems) • Mainstream Shampoos, Soap, Detergents, Perfumes, Colognes, Deodorants, & Cosmetics (many contain harmful cancer causing ingredients) • Mainstream Breath Sprays, Mints and Mouthwashes (many typical use harmful and chemically based cancer causing sweeteners, colorings, and bulk agents) • Chewing Gums, Sugar-Free Or Regular (if you did not bring enough for the entire Zija® Family of distributors, you cannot chew either) • Excessive Alcohol (highly caloric and fattening, empty calories, judgment impairing, highly inflammatory inducing, blood depressant, toxic) 2. ITEMS TO SHY AWAY FROM: • Coffee (use only in moderation) • Over The Counter Drugs (many are non effective and expensive) • Prescription Drugs (only when medically prescribed and as a last resort, read THE TRUTH ABOUT THE DRUG COMPANIES by Dr. Marcia Angell, MD) • Hydrogenated fats or oils (canola, corn, cottonseed, peanut, soy, they contribute to heart disease) • Pork (patties, sausages, bacon, rinds, full of nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, fake colors, sugars, salts, preservatives which are cancer causing and contribute to weigh gain and heart disease – pork may be “the other white meat”, but it‟s because you will be sick, or dead, sooner) • Red Meat (you should limit your intake to less than 8 ounces of grass fed or organic beef with nice marbling and cooked medium to well once per

week) • Deli Meats (a chemistry set of harmful fillers) • Sugary Breakfast Cereals (very costly, little nutrition, and potential allergic sensitivities) • Granola Bars (full of harmful fats and refined sugars) • Processed Poultry (a typical low cost roasted chicken at the supermarket is pumped full of salts, water sugars, modified food starches, preservatives, humectants, fake coloring, gelatins, etc., it gets worse from there, when talking about food service tenders/wings/skinned or restaurant poultry) • The Center Aisles Of Most Grocery & Food Chains (yes, your chances of buying anything healthy or nutritious, loaded with harmful ingredients like High Fructose Corn Syrup, declines by 75%, of items on shelves in the center aisles of a typical supermarket or big box grocer, stay on the corners where the real food is found) • Fat Free, Low Fat, Skim, and 2% (these are terms to make you think you are doing something good for your body, and it‟s just the opposite, where little if any real nutrition is to be found) • Sliced & Whipped & Shredded (if it looks fake, it probably is, and contains polymer science) • Margarines & Fake Branded Spreads (can you say „semi-edible plastic‟?) • Scented Candles & Air Fresheners (chemistry, pure & deadly, for the most part) • Energy Bars (far too many unfortunately are glorified candy bars, it takes some careful comparison-shopping to find brands that are decent) • Potato Chips & Salted Snacks & Crackers (most sell the 4 most inexpensive & nutrient deplete ingredients = air, water, salt and HFCS). • Frozen Pizza (mostly harmful ingredients) • Frozen Dinners or Meals or Snacks (typically highly process empty calories at best) • Bottled Salad Dressings & Bagged Salads = (hidden inert gases, aids to processing & bad for you ingredients in the bagged salads; lots of harmful chemistry in these bottles) • Instant (translated from the HYPE, meaning void of nutrition) • Microwavable Popcorn (the flavor of cancer causing chemicals, salt and coloring combined with molecular manipulation of kernels and hot air) • Bottom Fish Or Shell Fish (can be loaded with harmful lead, mercury or

other heavy metals, and/or high levels of iodine) • Most Yogurts (not healthy) • White Sliced Bread (empty calories, refined carbohydrates) • Canned Fruit (load with harmful sweeteners and void of nutrients) • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG is harmful, period) • Skin Blocks (stops absorption of Vitamin D-3 from the sun) 3. ITEMS TO “GO FOR IT” (IN MODERATION), FOR YOUR SPECIFIC HEALTH CIRCUMSTANCES: • Zija® Products as previously described • All Real Fresh Fruit (except blood glucose individual unless under the supervisor of a professional healthcare provider) • All Real & Washed Vegetables (dark, green, & leafy preferred) • Nuts: Raw Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Macadamias • Game Meats • Venison • Free Range & Game Poultry • Most Seafood & Fish • Fresh Eggs • Fresh Whole Milk • Real Cheese With Wax Coatings • Multi Grain Or Artisan Breads • Fresh Tap Water and/or Filtered Water (non-bottled water) • Citrus Fruits (lemon, orange, lime, etc., often, if not daily) • Raw Cane & Brown Sugar (in moderation) • Real Butter • Real Cream • Olive Oil • Cocoa butter & Dark Chocolate • Coconut • Palm Oil • Grape seed Oil • Berries • Fresh Salads • Natural Vinegar

• Spices & Natural Herbs • Cinnamon • Real Mayonnaise, Mustard & Sauces • Pasta • Wild Rice • Soups • High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) Free Real Ice Cream • Unsweetened Teas • Real Honey • Maple Syrup • Molasses • Potatoes • Yams • Avocados • Legumes & Beans • Natural & Unprocessed Ethic Food (Mediterranean, Asian, Hispanic, etc.) • Hot Cocoa (not from low cost instant mixes) • Natural Jerky • Home Made Pies (crust with good old lard) • Made from Scratch/Home Made Cakes • Made from Scratch, Home Made Cookies & Baking with Real Butter • Real & Natural, Jams, Jellies, Preserves • Sea Salt or Celtic salt • Real Natural Favors & Extracts

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