Valentine’s day, the day of love!


As I sit here today I find myself wondering, just if we really truly understand the meaning of such a word. I remember back a few years saying “I love You” was the hardest thing anyone could get a man to say. The implications in saying, and meaning that phrase meant something of value. It just wasn’t something you said freely and to just anyone.

If you look at the phrase from a religious standpoint it may become even more complex in attempting to explain and apply to life. Yet to those who understand and really believe in the explanation then Love is defined in a proper manner in the Bible.

What happen to letting ones heart guide you in those moments that make a difference, with the choices that matter the most. What happen to being able to walk down a park path with that one someone, and just reach out and hold their hand, as you talk and laugh at all the simple, ridiculous things you encounter. What happen to a man doing something as simple as opening a door for a lady.

Eddie Murphy once joked about the loss of love in our world, in a way that made sense for us to see, and try to react or even change. He said: “Back in the days, if a man and a woman had an argument and the woman said, let me out of the car right now, the man would say, NO we will have done of that I will drive you back home.  Today, if that same argument was to happen, before the woman could finish the statement not only would the car be stopped, but the door on her side opened wide, followed by get out!!”

Is this where love has taken us?

Is this how we plan to have life continue?

Is there still true love possible, anywhere?

Is there still a forever and ever in ANYONE?

As I face this Valentine’s day alone, and without anyone in life to give anything too, no love, no gift, no laugh, no joy. I have asked myself the question what are people really looking for in a relationship. Why are there so many love-less relationships out there. What changed, to make us lose the facts, the simple ability to love with the passion in our hearts.

I still find it hard to look at empty relationships. Those that are based on simple sex, no feeling, no real contact. How do you love someone who you can even talk too.

I am reminded of the song “Paradise by the Dashboard lights”. It is like if we live that scene over, and over again on a daily basis. And never stop to learn the error in which we are heading.


You see when true love finds us, it stays with us. Here is an example of just that kind of love.

Gordon Yeager died at 3:38 p.m. He was no longer breathing, but the family was surprised by what his monitor showed.

“Someone in there said, ‘Why, then, when we look at the monitor is the heart still beating?'” Sheets recalled. “The nurse said Dad was picking up Mom’s heartbeat through Mom’s hand.”

“And we thought, ‘Oh my gosh, Mom’s heart is beating through him”

As I sit and write this I have two ladies in my mind. Both have left a special thought in my head. Like a drop of magic to ponder on. To wonder if the chance to show them the level of love in my heart will ever come to be. Will the chance to share dreams, walks, tears and life will ever happen.

But then there is the fear!!!!

A man who still believes in romance is a dyeing breed. A man who believes in treating a woman like a queen from the moment he meets her. Just is unheard of, and no one knows exactly how to handle him. Long time ago I was taught that a Christian man must be able to love the woman he is romancing they way it says in the Bible. “The way Jesus loved his wife the church” He gave his life for her.

If you’re a man, let me ask you this, Have you sent flowers for no reason to that woman you claim to love?  If you’re a woman, have you told him in the midst of a fight just how much you love him?  As I looked a personal ads today, I saw where some women wrote: “Looking to be wined and dined on Valentines Day. If you do it right, then the prize is yours.”

I cried as I read that one. That has no implications of love.

So as you face Valentines day, will you be one more just going through the motions, or will you be the one that stands out, for not simply saying “I Love You”, but living it, show it, sharing it.

Why have we placed so much emphasis on the size of a woman’s booty? Is that how we plan to wake up in the morning. Wake up with someone you dislike, but because of some bodily feature, or idea you start only to break it up, destroy your life. And maybe even worst, bring a child into this world without the love of the two that made them. I very often wonder does one wake up, and look at the part of the other person’s body that you liked and say, good morning.

The Elvis movie “GI Blues” has a scene where they are on a boat and he simply puts his arm around her, and the relationship beings to grow from there.

Such a simple gesture, such a long-term effect.

I hope to find that one that I can chat with, about the silliest things, walk hand in hand. No matter the age, no matter the race,  Just letting our hearts guide us as we face the rest of our lives in true love. What about you?

So yes, I’ll be alone on Valentines day. No romance, no love very depressed,and  extremely sad but my heart will sing out as loud as it can. Because the love within my heart will still search for that one heart that sings to the same tune. I still hold on to idea of TRUE LOVE!!!



may your heart guide you as you love the one who loves you!

About MedicSmurf

I am a former NY City Emergency Paramedic. Who believes in God, and the love of our Country. A former US Army Medic who believes that life brings us new challenges, adventures, and downfalls. I look to making them all a positive way to grow. being on the bottom is a sign that life still has a chance to go up. ARE YOU?

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