Reflections of…



Seeing a reflection in a lake, or in a mirror brings the normal mind to stop for a moment and think.  Michael Jackson once sang a song and spoke about “the man in the mirror”. I often wonder just how many actually stop to question the person in that mirror.

In the Bible, Moses had to stop and reflect on just what had gone wrong in his life. As you can see by the passage below, he was just in, sort of a wrong place. Not really what he had been hoping to be at. And maybe even not even having dreamt that this could be.


And the Lord said unto him, This is the land which I sware unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, saying, I will give it unto thy seed: I have caused thee to see it with thine eyes, but thou shalt not go over thither. So Moses the servant of the Lord died there in the land of Moab, according to the word of the Lord.

Dut 34:4-5


As this day come to a close, I can only imagine how many politicians today  have spent the day doing the same thing. Asking themselves, what did I do wrong, what could I have done better, how did I lose this?

I’m sure each one of you that might read this, could come up with your own reasons for each of the political candidates that lost in your areas. But I’m more concerned with you that have stopped to read this today.

Have you asked the person in the mirror those same questions, and if so. Have you listened to the answers, and followed the guidance to find peace, and maybe a bit of joy in your life. It seems God will always choose to talk to each of us separately about what we’ve done, what we need to do, and where we should be.


So ask yourself, go ahead. I kinda dare you to stop and reflect on your own life, and see where you fit in to helping, maybe fix our country, your city, or just maybe ……


Your own life!


May the reflection you see be a positive, and great looking one

Reasons for shouting

On these days when we can see the true majesty of God’s creation no matter the temperature, or chill. It is the reason that so many Christians find solace in these verses.
So sing your hearts out to the Lord God, and find the comfort your heart seeks!

Psalms 81:1-3

 ​ Sing for joy to God our strength;
 shout aloud to the God of Jacob!
 Begin the music, strike the timbrel,
 play the melodious harp and lyre.
 Sound the ram’s horn at the New Moon,
 and when the moon is full, on the day of our festival;”

I Know, I really do


Meet Brother Sam. Let me tell you what he knows for sure that I have wondered about for a long time in my life.

Growing up in Church, the son of a preacher one hears lots of songs, sung by different folks. Some have a different melody, and different arrangement. But then you have some that never seem to change. it didn’t matter who was doing the song, they all sang it the same way. Tonight as I watched and heard Brother Sam performing the words of this song came to mind, while the answer came to my to my heart.

How can I say thanks

for the things you have done for me

Things so undeserved

Yet you gave to prove your love for me

The voices of a million angels

Cannot express my gratitude

All that I am or ever hope to be

I owe it all to Thee

“How can I say Thanks”, when the worst of things happen, and then you find the so talked about rainbow at the end of the storm. Then what. How do you really express a thank you, or in reality what is one to do.

Brother Sam is an 80 plus year old youngster. Who less than 4 months underwent a quintuplet coronary bypass. (that’s 5. I have to use up my big words somewhere). And here he is Standing, for a 35 min concert, and laughing, bopping to the rhythm, and simply living and enjoying life.

This is how one says Thanks to one that gives us peace, power, love, and simply everything else that comes to mind.

So thank you brother Sam, for the smiles, and songs. And if you’re ever in Lexington, KY stop in at the church, he might sing you a verse or two to brighten your day as well.

So as the writer of this ever so inspirational song wrote: To God be The Glory! Give it a listen the link is there in the words.

Are WE????



Ever wonder about that new message on your phone, or your computer.

You have just received a friends request from, whomever.  I stop to think sometimes if we really truly understand the meaning of the term friends. We live in an era with friendships have been changed or moved into categories that sometimes make them more confusing, than algebra.


To me a friend was that person I could share just about anything with. Form the most ridiculous to the most heart warmly sadness.

Today, some define them as, what do I get from being a friend?

I remember in High School, I had some friends. And one spring evening on the way home from church, we stopped in Far Rockaway, NY in front of this McDonalds. Between the four of us standing there had just enough money to buy 1 vanilla shake. So that is what we did. We laughed, smiled had a great time. And enjoyed the that shake like none other in life. Those were my kind of friends.

The Bible tells us in the book of Proverbs:

A friend loves at all times,
and a brother is there a for times of trouble.

Now that is what a friend is to me. So as I ask you the question, ask yourself as well. Who are your real friends?

School of Prayer

Prayer has been the solution to so many issues over the years! So if you’re not sure about yours. Read on.

And as MC Hammer to once sang, “we need to pray”

Ideas for success

oneprayerSchool of Prayer

Do your prayers get answered? If not, I know this online class will help.

School of prayer is an online course taught by me, Brad Stanton. The purpose is draw close to God, enjoy more of the joy of the Holy Spirit and get answers to prayer. There are weekly lessons which teach principles from the Bible about prayer—I will email you the lesson each week. The participant will answer the questions and I go over the answers with him/her. I will be available by email for any questions you have.

Some people get many answers to prayer

After studying the Bible for many years I have found that there are keys to answered prayers. As a missionary to Asia, I talked with many people who had seen miracles and I had miracles happen in my life. I returned to the USA with a hunger to find…

View original post 574 more words

Brain Power??!!

Ever wonder about just what makes our brains tick as they do. Why it is that kids today that are glued to computer screens are seemly not growing the right way.

Have you ever even given any thought to the concept of challenging ones mind.

This article addresses such ideas and  concepts, so I have to share.

Drive your mind, the body will follow!




How curiosity changes the brain to enhance learing

Morning starter


As we start this morning, and look forward to what this day might bring. This picture reminds us just how we should start.

Very simple, very easy, very profound, yet so true!

Follow the guidance, that is freely given!



So how could this woman think anyone but herself is wrong for this damage to her car. As she drives down Winchester Rd in Lexington. She sees a tractor trailer stopped along the right side. Everyone else goes into the other lane. She chooses to stay close to the truck and drift into the front tire of the semi.
So she hits a stationary vehicle and some how she thinks, the blame can go to the truck driver for stopping and her hitting his truck.

I guess people don’t realize in this age of wanting to sue everyone. She caused her own damage by not using common sense. And add to that at cause a driver their job. And all they did was stop.

Are people just so out there??




As I complete my on line college course I was reminded of some interesting things about life.

No matter how difficult things get, or seem to be. If we only dare to dream a bit. We can find ourselves going further.

Yes, it may not be as simple or go the way we want things to go. But here is the rule that has gotten me at least this far.



So dream a little today. And as Elvis Presley sang, “Follow that Dream”

See this tatatoo on the back of this young lady is so right. As you follow those dreams, watch the failures, and the pain stay behind you as you climb to the top. Your other two eyes will guide you up.


Great Luck to ya!!


My new Easter clothing



Easter, 2014. As I sit here at my desk about to start my studies for today I am stopped to think about the so-called celebrations going on today.  There are people renting blow up play stations for the kids, beers being purchased by the cases. Ice becoming short in supplies, and the Honey Baked Ham stores cleaning up.

Leading into the weekend, the clothing stores were a mess to get in. Everyone young older, wanted to style out in something new for Easter.  I remember that from growing up. We would be taken to the store a week before and new clothing would be purchased for that Sunday. Heaven help you if you tried to wear it before then.

As we find ourselves with a US President who is trying so hard to show us that we are not a Christian nation, I cant help but to notice how so many of our holidays are linked to the Bible. And our religious ways.

You see this is the celebration on Jesus coming out of the tomb and giving us the greatest victory ever! And no matter who celebrates, in what manner. It still comes back to that event. New clothing, guess what it started that early Sunday morning.

When Mary and the other women walked to the tomb, they carried spices, and wrappings to make sure the body of Jesus was properly dressed.

But on the first day of the week, at early dawn, they went to the tomb, taking the spices they had prepared   Luke 24:1

They were ready to dress the body with the garments they had prepared. But what they found was so impressive, so victorious  that to this day it changes lives.  You see when Jesus rose from that tomb he changed his clothes, and walked out in a new suit. He left the old one right there in that tomb.

So Peter went out with the other disciple, and they were going toward the tomb. Both of them were running together, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first. And stooping to look in, he saw the linen cloths lying there, but he did not go in.  St. John 20:3-5

You see, new clothing on Easter was started by Jesus. So yea I guess the question for easter really comes to this. Have we changed all the sets of clothing we wear, just like Christ did that morning.

So, put away the commercialized celebrations, and get back to celebrating the victory of new hope! Put on your new clothing, and live 




April 15th, tax day to some. To some in my area, a bad joke day. As I woke up this morning, and walked out the door, I noticed snow flakes on the ground. And yet more flakes on the way down. As I walked to my truck, I began to wonder what the expressions on most folks mouths would be as they woke up. I can imagine that not a lot of folks were very happy about this change. Especially considering that the temperature was in the mid 70’s the day before. But allow me for a minute to share this with you. As normal I’m the one who sees the glass half full, as opposed to half empty. So what is the good about this snow fall, you ask. If you stop and look at the picture of my truck covered in snow, stop and look at the grass covered in snow as well. This is a strange very unusual combination. There is a picture at the bottom here to give you a better idea. In the Bible there is a verse that reads,

Ezekiel 31:7

It was majestic in beauty, with its spreading boughs, for its roots went down to abundant waters.

Every so often God looks for subtle ways to show us his majesty, his love, and concern for us. In these days when so many forget to stop and say, hey Lord, thanks that was a really good day. He gives us an AMAZING day to be joyful and remember that only he can do this.

In the book of Psalms David writes,

Psalms 83:1

A song. A Psalm of Asaph A Plea for Judgment God, do not rest! Don’t be silent! Don’t stay inactive, God!

We’ll I’ll be the first to say his beauty shines the way in my life! I can only hope you see the forest through the trees! Enjoy the beauty before you now.


Hemianopia – Should one drive?



After having spent the better part of my life as a EMT/Paramedic, and then taking on professional driving. I still find it interesting when topics like this come out. I can’t say that I remember reading too much about this, but wonder if this could explain a lot, for hundreds of people across the world.

As an EMT/Paramedic, I can recall accidents that made no sense. Reading about accidents on retirement communities sometimes left one wondering about the why, what really caused them. For the most part when the person, or persons involved were young, drugs became the conclusion of choice.


I am now forced to ask if there are those out there who have simply just never been diagnosed, by the proper medical tests. Here is what the following study, done at, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, had to say about this.


A diagnosis of hemianopia, or blindness in one half of the visual field in both eyes as the result of strokes, tumors or trauma often means the end of driving

In about half of the states in the United States and in many other countries, driving with hemianopia is prohibited

This is where it gets scary. Only about half of all the states feel that it is a high risk to stop folks from driving.  The study used a driving simulator, where I don’t fully believe that most simulators are 100% accurate. If you can’t do it 50% on one of the ones used. There should be lots of red flags going up.

I take notice that Trauma is a likely cause, so someone who is young may be at risk as well. Since strokes, and tumors are generally considered to come to play in one’s life later on in life.

Here is what another part of the study showed, as the finding of their study.

“We found that participants with hemianopia showed compensatory scanning patterns in that their first scan was usually to the side of their field loss. Drivers with right hemianopia tended to look to the right before looking to the left. By comparison, the normally sighted drivers and drivers with left hemianopia typically looked to the left first,” Bowers said.

However, the drivers with hemianopia did not compensate by making larger head scans to the side of their field loss, as needed. In fact, their head scans were generally smaller than those of drivers with normal vision. “Yet, you might have expected the opposite as drivers with hemianopia have to scan a long way (close to 90 degrees) in order to see of all of the intersection on the side of their field loss,” Bowers said.

The Smith System driving program is one of the largest and most used by many major driving organizations in this country. One of the “keys” to driving is: Keep your eyes moving. When putting this into place a driver is to scan the area in his or her path, and the sides frequently.  I have used the Smith System as well as my Emergency Vehicle Operator Course training, in my personal car for years. And this key alone is responsible for avoiding being in countless accidents of my own.

So as you read, ask yourself is there someone you know who may be at risk of this, if they mean anything too you then maybe read on, and help them.


Let’s not only make the roads safer, but keep those we love around to share it with us.

Two Less



Some people in this world, spend many hours of each day in a state of loneliness. One that becomes a struggle. There are some people in this world who crumble under the solitude, and end up committing suicide. But there is still a few folks that still, even today, hope and believe in love, and romance.

In 1982 Air Supply, introduced a song titled: Two Less Lonely People in The World. Back then it was viewed as a great romantic song. I fear to say that today it could become a theme song for so many lives.  With all the so-called, ‘Social Media’ and social hook up sites, on the internet. I find myself puzzled to see how many people there are out there that live alone.

Restaurants, treat single differently, since most believe that they will not tip as well, as a large group. Radio stations never give away single tickets. And modern Social Media has described singles who become depressed as: creepy.

Two less lonely people in the world

And it’s gonna be fine

Out of all the people in the world

I just can’t believe you’re mine

In my life where everything was wrong

Something finally went right

Now there’s two less lonely people

In the world tonight

There is a great feeling, so wonderful when any one of two people have a meeting like the one described in the song. You find a person you can speak too, someone to just sit and do nothing with.

I found one such person this week. The small differences in our lives, but the small pain in our lives. These are the things that help to make for a solid friendship. Which may and can lead to an ultimate great relationship.  The feeling of being lost, or not being as beautiful as some would think you should be. Being a little heavier, or not having a big ole booty. whereas they seem like minimal things. Yet these things become painful, and the ability to destroy someone’s life.

But it is that same destruction that fuels the greatest happiness in the world. When two people who are both down, and feeling so low begin their climb and find each other. Everyone else needs to look out. It’s yet even so interesting that two people like this can find each other in the sometimes strangest of places. And when they do,  the fireworks from the heart, glow brighter, longer, prettier, and happier than the fourth of July fireworks celebration.

So thanks, Skinny. you know who you are. I look forward to the climb out of the bottom.

Video games affect

This is puzzling and kind of scary to have anyone admit. But it is a grim reality that we must now face. Children today are finding themselves with less and less moral standards, and self awareness, or self worth. And here may be one of the biggest reasons.

“usually have not had enough opportunities to take different roles or consider the perspective of others in real life”

Check out this article.

“Violent video games delay development of moral judgment in teens” Sent from the ScienceDaily iOS app



Many U.S. adults consume more added sugar (added in processing or preparing of foods, not naturally occurring as in fruits and fruit juices)

“Study examines consumption of added sugar, death from cardiovascular disease” Sent from the ScienceDaily iOS app


Fever meds

Contrary to popular belief, fever-reducing medication may inadvertently cause more harm than good

“Fever-reducing meds may help spread the flu” Sent from the ScienceDaily iOS app


Which one, and Why



I was recently asked which verse in the Bible was my overall favorite, and why. That was sort of a  difficult question so I had to stop and give it some serious thought.  I can’t simply choose one verse, cause doing so would take that passage out of context. (Still remember that from Bible 101 in college)


So here it is:

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth:for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain:for the former things are passed away


This is the passage of Revelation chapter 21 verses 1 – 4.


Let me tell you why. You see John was told to write what he saw and heard. But what he saw, he saw in the spirit. And then had to find a way to translate it into a passage that you and me could understand. So in reality this is the greatest translation document known to all mankind.  However in the original text, there is a noted difference when he writes here, than in all the other passages where he relates what he saw.


In this passage there is a joy, and ease in his writing. This part was simple for him. It made him feel safe, overjoyed, and most of all thankful. As I studied this book over the years I read one writer who stated that he was upset that the Spanish translations never picked up on that, and used the proper grammatical symbols in the writing.

No exclamation  points, no bold letters, nothing showing the true feeling of the verses. I have caught them. It is that reason that my hope during these times that seem so dark, seems to get brighter.

So where is your faith? Where is your future?

Is this Christmas???


Saturday evening I walked into the mall, while heading to get my phone repaired. I stopped to look at something, and being me noticed a couple about to pay for some items at the check out.

Today being “cyber Monday” some crazy things are still going on. And I can’t stop and ask the question. Is this what Christmas is to folks.

This couple had a spreadsheet, and a plastic baggy with about 9 credit cards. Let me not forget the calculator which was getting its full use.

When the total came up, first they made sure that everything was the correct sale price. Item by item they went back through each item. Then comes out the spreadsheet . They began to determine how much to charge on each specific credit card depending on whose gift they were buying. Gives an entire news meaning to be naughty or nice.

If you were good, it didn’t matter to pay with a credit card with high interest. Now if you were naughty, or help you if you are just and added gift. We all know the ones, the office grab bag, or that person that might show up. Then those gifts get paid with the cards with low rates, so that as they pay it off it isn’t so expensive.

But then hits the hard ball. One of the cards is declined. One of the presents on last years charges was never paid. The item was still in the closet. There was panic on their eyes, as the register read that word. As they argued about the issue everyone around watched and some laughed.

Is this what Christmas has come down too. Do we care about the love and happiness that is suppose to go with the joy of Christmas.

So as you check the balance on that next card. Ask yourself, is there any love going into this gift?

Or am I going to personally regret making this payment for the next few months.

Fast Furious – Irony


Some would call the events of this weekend ironic. Painful, sad, and so on.
A man who made a name for himself, among with other things, as a driver if really fast cars. Dies in a car apparently going too fast for the roads they were on.

But I tend to think away from the irony in this, and like always look for the good. The message left behind by one, whose life will now be looked upon heavily.

For starters, he must have been wearing a seatbelt. From experience I know that in a crash as this one. Not wearing one would have caused them to be ejected. And in these days and time. There was NO mention of drugs or alcohol playing a factor.

So many young folks today act as if that is the only way to live and function in life. A role model has been given to is here.

A man in the midst off doing good! Vin Diesel described him in a post as, brother. We should remember the good he has left, the drive in his heart. And the spirit with which he lived, right to end.

Can you say the same about your life? Or can someone call you that way, if you died today.


FIFTY “50”


Fifty, what a seemly large number at one’s point. I kinda like the way it comes out in Spanish. Cincuenta, which broken down is “without count”.

When we are but children reaching the age of 50 seems like an eternity away. Then as it comes closer some of us wonder how we will embrace that up coming milestone. Will we be there, how will I be, where will I be. There are many who have never seen the sun rise on a 50th year of life, while the Bible tells of those who have lived as long as 300 years.

Three years ago I posted on Facebook that I planned to dance a merengue on the top of the Empire State Building, for my 100th birthday. Some people laughed, and simply thought it was just a wild idea. We must live our lives with goals, and dreams to reach as each day of life goes on. This was to become a new goal, a new challenge to hit.

Follow me on the first steps of this goal, as I prepare to celebrate the completion of only the baby steps of hitting this goal.

I realized that this goal would have some serious cost to getting there. Not just staying alive, but staying healthy as well. When I was 20 years old I’d get home in Corona, NY and run from 108th street and Roosevelt ave down to 48th street and back. Now for those who don’t know in NYC 20 blocks equals a mile. so I was doing pretty go. I played paddleball every weekend, and lived reasonably comfortable.

Due too long hours at work, running came to a halt. My health was still pretty good, so it wasn’t too bad to stop running. However by age 29 when I decided to try to start again. A very ugly wake up call came. I ran ten blocks and there was a horrible itch on my legs. So after hours of finding no solution to this, a hospital visit was too come. After all the test, I was told that the circulation in my legs had gotten so bad, and I should just not even think about running again. Oh well I thought I can still play baseball, paddleball, and do just about everything else. No Biggie.

But when things start going down, we need to beware that other things may start down that path as well. As so it was. I went from 130 pounds to 164, pants size 29 to 34, and the final kicker, blood pressure went from an average of 90/60 too 140/92.  GOOD MORNING WORLD!! Here was the wake up call.

Blood Pressure reading 10/13

Blood Pressure reading 10/13

So a weight loss program had to be reached, and a plan out too work. FAST. I had all the medical knowledge to correct these issues, now I just had to get to work.

I promised myself that before I hit my fiftieth birthday I was going to correct this! No if ands or buts about it.

I started exercising as mush as I could. Along this way I met a friend, and her husband. Alma And Don Cundiff gave me the clue to fulfilling this dream. They introduced me to a product called ZIJA. And more to the point Zija’s XM Plus. For the past few years I have been taking one bottle of this every morning, and trying to eat only those things that were healthy. Over the past three months, I made the plunge to only eating what I cook. And long behold, the first piece of the dream manifested itself. I could no longer fit right into my pants. I was back to buying 29 waist pants.

So I decided to try a few other things. so the guys at Planet Fitness, in Lexington became my cheering section. As I stepped on a treadmill, scared that the circulation in my legs would end me in the hospital again. So they watched and I ran for 15 min with NO pain, NO itch, just lots of sweat. COOL, I was almost back.


Facing the doom of that birthday on the 21st of October, I became scared that I wasn’t going to make it. Even with the blood pressure meds it wasn’t coming down to where I waned it. But I knew that the weight had to drop in order for the pressure to come back down.  Two weeks I walked into a Rite Aid store, sat on the blood pressure section and long behold the reading read, 97/67! I knew I had to find a scale soon.

When I finally found a scale, since Planet Fitness has everything except. (lol) I got on it with all the fears and began to glow as the displayed showed 127!

The country music song writer worried about his next 30 years. I am ready to face my next fifty years, healthy, fit, and strong. There are many, many things to change and better, but I’m ready to face them now as I step out this morning and say, Happy Birthday, ME!

So thank you to those who helped, maybe by simply just saying the right words, or getting to try something that really would work. But Thanks to the great example for life that came from Mom, and Dad. The guidance of great teachers, and classy folks who cross ones life.

So where are you in your travels? Are you ready too, or making plans that far ahead? Make your life great for you, and those around you. But remember to LIVE.

So follow me, or better yet chase me if you can. I dare you. Better yet I double Dog dare you to try to live happy, healthy, and dance at my 100th birthday. I’ll be looking in the rear view mirror to see if I see you.

Catch me if you can

Catch me if you can

It will feel great to celebrate my 50th birthday today. I hope to smile, and enjoy. The memories of those who have gone to rest will live strong, and the love from those friends and family members. Will help guide and walk with on this journey. Don’t ever let your dreams, ambitions, or desires go by the way side.  You can do what ever you set your mind to!


Thanks for reading!